Basic Bird Care Guide of 2019

Birds are very interesting animals, which is why they are good to keep as pets. They are one of the few pets that you can actually ‘pet’ safely. Here is a bird care guide that you can easily follow.

The first thing that you have to look into is the housing requirement. If the birds will be put in a cage, make sure the cage is big enough for some movements like flapping its wings.

Make sure that the cage will allow the bird to spread its wings without hitting anything. It should also allow the bird to fly around the cage even just for a short distance.

The birds can also be housed in an aviary. This allows birds to really move freely and fly around with lesser restrictions. An aviary can either be indoor or outdoor.

Indoor aviaries are good in terms of being able to control the ‘environment’ the birds are in. Outdoor aviaries on the other hand will provide a more natural environment for the birds.

Another part of this bird care guide is feeding consideration. There are several feeding choices available for pet birds. There are bird feed mixes, formulated diets, seed only diets and supplements.

As the name implies, bird feed mixes are foods that are comprised of several food products. It is a mixture of seeds that birds eat, formulated food and supplements.

Formulated diets are prepared such that they contain all the needed vitamins and minerals. Seed only diets somehow imitate that of living in the wild because it is actually what most birds eat in the wild.

However, in this kind of diet, you may have to add supplements to complete all the needed nutrients. Supplements are given to enhance the birds’ diet or complete whatever is missing.

Other things to consider are the accessories that you provide for the birds. Perches have to be included in the cage to allow the birds to exercise.

It also helps them trim their beaks. Toys on the other hand are placed in the cage to allow the birds to exercise, practice chewing and practice ‘tricks’.

This is not an extensive bird care guide but it contains the basic things that you have to consider in taking care of your pet bird.

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