Exercise a Must for the Overweight Dog

You’ve started your overweight dog on the road to good health and a trim fit body by reducing the dog food you feed him. But there is more to the weight loss equation. You must exercise your dog. Exercise is a vital part of weight loss and optimal health for pets.

Think about it. Your dog gets up with you in the morning and might get a quick 15 minute walk. You take off for work and your dog is home all day. He must wait until you come back home to relieve himself or to have any real stimulation. What does he do all day? Most likely, your dog sleeps.

What if you had to stay in your house all day without the use of your computer, TV or radio. You couldn’t go to the bathroom and you couldn’t go outside on your own. You might even be confined to a crate all day. Wouldn’t you be depressed and tired?

Now if you think I am trying to make you feel guilty, I am. So after eight or more hours away, you come home from work and are too tired to walk your dog. If you lie on the couch all evening watching television, neither you nor your dog is getting any exercise. Here are a few suggestions on how to help your dog get more exercise.

Hire a dog walker. This could be a high school student that comes to your house during the day to walk your dog for a few minutes. This will not only give your dog more exercise but also relieve his boredom.

Sign up for doggy daycare. Even if only once a week it will help your dog socialize and keep from becoming a couch potato.

Make sure without a doubt you give your dog 30 minutes of vigorous exercise each day. You can play fetch with him. You can jog with him. Take him swimming. You can invite another dog over for playtime.

If your dog is not getting sufficient exercise now, don’t increase the exercise routine all at once. Start with ten minutes a day of brisk walking and improve it in ten minute intervals each week.

If you force yourself to walk your dog for ten minutes when you get home from work and then another ten minutes after supper. That’s twenty minutes of your required thirty minutes of exercise. Gradually add to the time, and both you and your dog will feel better and look better too.

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