Feed Your Overweight Dog Pumpkin

With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, pumpkin comes to mind. And believe it or not, canned pumpkin is a beautiful food for your dog. Most dogs seem to love canned pumpkin.

Canned pumpkin, since it is low in calories, can help your dog with weight loss. Pumpkin puree is the consistency of canned dog food and can be mixed in with his canned food or used with dry food. Do not use pumpkin pie filling, which has sugar and spices as this has extra calories and sugar is not suitable for your dog.

I’ve mentioned adding green beans to your dog’s food as a way of reducing calories and helping him feel full. Many dogs do not like green beans but will readily eat pumpkin. Reduce your dog’s food by about a third and replace it with canned pumpkin.

You may feed your dog from 1 teaspoon for small dogs, and anywhere from 2 teaspoons to a tablespoon for medium to large dogs. A can of pumpkin will last a long time and to keep it from going bad put it into an ice cube tray and freeze it. Defrost the number of cubes you need every day.

Pumpkin is also very nutritious. It has vitamin A, beta carotene and potassium.

If your dog is suffering from constipation canned pumpkin is very high in fiber and water. It will help to relieve constipation. And as contrary, as it may sound, pumpkin is also a remedy for diarrhea.

So when you are doing your shopping, pick up a can of pumpkin for your dog and start feeding it to him with his main meal and you will be astonished at how his health will improve.

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