Living Quarters for Pet Birds

When keeping birds in the house, you need to provide it with the proper shelter for it to live healthy and strong in the household.

You wouldn’t want your pet bird to be perched in any high topped shelf or cupboard around the house, especially if the place has two to three floors, so before deciding on buying a bird for a pet you have to provide the right shelter for it to live in.

You can visit bird care websites like, which will give you an idea of what types of cages and accessories to get your pet bird.

You might find books that cater to these topics as well, but if you’re going for cheap or free references you can go for

Birds should basically be kept in proper bird cages, which can be bought in local or online pet stores.

The cage should be as roomy as it can be for your bird, so determine the size of the chosen bird before buying the cage.

The reason for this is because birds need as much room as they can to stretch their wings and flap them whenever they can.

The cage must also have a few horizontal bars in order to allow them to climb, especially for cockatiels, small parrots, and parakeets.

These cages must be kept clean at all times to prevent it from stinking and as much as possible placed in a well lit area. In terms of placing, you can put the cage against a wall or at an eye’s level when hung.

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