Overweight Dog? How To Adjust Dog Food

Once you’ve determined your dog is overweight and it is not because of a medical condition, you have to reduce his food intake. This should be done gradually.

You have two choices, to cook for your dog or to use commercial dog food, or a combination of both. Today, we will talk about using commercial dog food to help your dog lose weight.

The majority of supermarket dog foods are not healthy. They are filled with fillers, chemicals, salt, sugar and additives. It is imperative that you find a quality dog food. There are many organic and natural dog food brands out there today.

If you are using a dry dog, food looks at the label and determine how much you should feed your dog at his optimal weight. You can ask your vet what the optimal weight for your dog should be. Do not immediately feed your dog; this amount cut down gradually.

Measure how much you are now feeding your dog. Be sure you are using measuring cups and exact measurements. Subtract the optimal amount from this amount, and this is how much you must reduce your dog’s food intake.

If the optimal amount of dog food is 4 cups and you are now feeding your dog 6 cups, you are over by 2 cups. Reduce the amount you feed your dog by 1/4 a cup every two to three days.

So you don’t forget or get mixed up write out how much you feed your dog each day and the amount you need to reduce the dog food amount each day. For example, 9/28 feed him 5 and 3/4 cups, on 10/1 feed 5 and 1/2 cups on 10/3 pasture 5 and 1/4 cups and so on until you are down to the required 4 cups. This should take 16 to 24 days for this example.

If you mix table food with dry dog food, you have to again gradually reduce the table scraps until you are down to almost nothing. You can always mix ugly vegetables, grated carrots, or green beans to help your dog to feel full.

If you mix canned dog food and dry dog food again, pick quality products and cut down on the dry food by the amount of canned food you use. If the dry food says, 1 cup per 20 pounds and the canned food is 1/2 can per 20 pounds for every 1/2 cup of managed food use one less cup of dry food.

It’s hard to resist when our dog looks at us with those big loving eyes and wants a treat. You don’t have to ignore him; you can give your dog a low calorie nutritious treat instead. Try carrots, popcorn, apples, or rice cakes. If you buy a commercial treat, get a high quality very low calorie treat. Make these treats few and far between.

With effort, you can reduce the amount your dog eats. As you cut back on the food, your dog should be losing weight and getting healthier. Our next blog post will be about adding exercise to the mix.

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