Simple Tips for Arthritic Dogs

Many older dogs develop arthritis. Here are a few simple tips to help your dog.

Don’t let your dog get overweight. All of those extra pounds put pressure on the joints and cause pain. If your dog is already overweight reduce his food intake (see the previous blog) to get him back to the normal weight range.

Believe it or not, exercise helps keep your dog’s joints from getting stiff. Gentle exercise is best. If arthritis is severe don’t let your dog overdo it. Some veterinarian clinics have a swimming pool for your dog. This is the best exercise for older arthritic dogs.

Did you know that sleeping on a hard surface will aggravate arthritis? Give your dog a comfortable bed to sleep on. Tempurpedic dog beds are great for elderly dogs. They cushion the joints and also reduce pressure on your dog’s joints.

Your vet will have pain medication that can make your dog more comfortable. Don’t give him ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

Massage will help the arthritic joints. You can take your dog to a dog massage therapist or check the internet for information on how to massage your dog. Massage stimulates the lymphatic system. It can restore mobility and flexibility in your dog.

These are just a few simple do it yourself things you can do to help your arthritic dog feel more comfortable. A future blog will discuss the herbal and natural treatments for arthritic dogs.

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