Looking For The Best Pet Bike Trailers-Suggest Before Buying

Over the weekend I saw a man pulling a pet bike trailer. We were at the park with our daughter and I noticed someone riding by on their bike. Attached to the back was a bike trailer. I assumed it was the person’s kid, but when I looked closely I realized it was his dog.

It occurred to me these are a very good idea. Riding your bike with a dog on a leash is very dangerous, not only for the dog but for the bike rider as well. In this day and age of rising gas prices more and more people are riding their bikes. If you want to safely take your dog to the park, or the vet or just about anywhere and do it on your bike a pet bike trailer is the perfect choice in pet strollers.

There are a few choices when it comes to pet bike trailers. They are sturdy and safe, the decision will come with the options, and the size of your pet (and if you have more than one). And of course what you are willing to spend.

The three main brands of bike pet strollers are Solvit, ePet, and Pet Ego. They each have their benefits and drawbacks.

All the bike pet strollers come with a way to attach them to your bike and have extra hitches available if you have more than one bike. What they don’t all come with is the jogger kit. If you plan to use your bike pet stroller as a jogging stroller as well you want to make sure you get a model that includes this feature for free.

The Premium ePet includes a free jogger kit and runs about the same price as the Solvit Dog Bike Trailer which does NOT come with a jogger kit. There is one available, but it is an extra feature you have to purchase. The Pet Ego bike trailer also comes with a jogger kit, but you will find it is much more expensive than the other two brands.

You will also want to make sure the bike pet stroller you choose is rated for the weight of your pet. Generally, the medium supports up to 45 pounds, in both the Solvit and the ePet. The large Solvit dog bike trailer supports up to 115 pounds and the Premium ePet bike trailers support 100lbs. The Pet Ego is by far the largest available dog bike trailer, it can hold more than one dog and will support up to 165 pounds.

The prices for these bike pet strollers are more than a regular pet stroller, but when you realize it will play double duty (if not triple) the price can be justified.

If you are looking to use your bike more and want to include your dog in the ride make sure you look for a quality dog bike trailer that will fit your dog and provide you the features you need.

Little Tip

Even though pet strollers can say they work for a certain range of animals (pound wise) you may find that a 15-pound dog fits much better in a medium-size stroller, even though the small size may be rated to 20 pounds.

You want to make sure your pet is going to feel comfortable in the pet stroller, which means he has enough room and is not cramped. Feeling cramped may lead your dog to not want to stay in the pet stroller and try to get out or claw at those sides.

I would suggest using the Walk ‘n Roll Pet Stroller for smaller even teacup dogs and go for a medium to large size stroller for medium to larger size dogs.

The Happy Trails Pet Stroller is great for dogs between 15 and 20 pounds.

The Jeep Rubicon is perfect for large dogs or animals up to 60 pounds.

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