Top 10 Reasons to Use Pet Strollers

When I first saw people were using pet strollers I must admit I couldn’t figure out why anyone would want one! Aren’t dogs meant to run around and have fun? Since then I have found so many reasons why people use pet strollers. Here are ten of my favorite reasons.

  1. Makes Traveling Easier. Have you ever taken a flight with a cat or dog? It can be difficult to make connecting flights while carrying a heavy cat. With a pet stroller, you can just roll with it.
  2. Going to the Vet. A pet stroller can make a trip to the vet safer for your animal, and easier for your. They will have a safe, comfortable area, away from other, possibly aggressive animals, and you do not have to carry or try to walk your pet on a leash.
  3. Jogging in the park. If you have a small dog, larger overweight dog, or older dog, they may get tired before you are finished jogging in the park. With a pet stroller, you can simply put them in when they get tired and continue your jog.
  4. Outdoor festivals or events. Every year we have “Woofstock” a fundraising event for our local SPCA. Last year I thought about taking my schnauzer, but with a 1 year old I wasn’t sure if I would be able to manage both of them. I ended up taking the kid and leaving the dog at home. If I had owned a pet stroller at the time I would have easily been able to bring Max too.
  5. Fresh Air. Whether you have an elderly dog or a cat who likes the fresh air, but you don’t like the idea of them running around outside, the pet stroller is great for getting your pets outside in a safe environment.
  6. Easier transportation of heavy pets. I admit our cats are a bit on the heavy side. (all over 15 pounds) If I have to take one or more than one to the vet it can be very hard to manage carrying the cat carrier as well as the toddler. A pet stroller is great because it just rolls right up to the vet and Hanna will even help push so it keeps her with me too.
  7. Multiple little dogs. If you have more than one small dog it can be difficult to keep the leashes untangled as you walk them. You can easily put a few small dogs in a dog stroller and get them quickly and easily where you are going.
  8. Protect dogs from accidents. Small dogs are easy to miss and easy to step on. If you are out on a busy street a pet stroller will keep them safe. It’s also great if you have a dog who doesn’t listen very well and will rush out into traffic.
  9. Protect paws in the winter. If you have to walk your dog through the city to get to a dog park during the winter that can be a rough trip with all the salt and ice along the way. Your dog can still his run-in with a quick trip in a pet stroller.
  10. Boating. It can be difficult to get a dog on a boat. It’s unsteady and sometimes the dog is nervous. You can easily transfer your dog onto a boat in a pet stroller. It also provides a safe place for them to be during your boating adventure.
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